My name is Jay Johnson; I’m a second year PhD student in Creative Writing at the Univeristy of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am Editor-in-Chief of cream city review and you can read my fiction at GUERNICA. I write fiction, which tends to be long, convoluted, filled with clues, and unfixed in meaning. I am also dabbling in poetry, working on a wiki-based collection of Yo Gabba Gabba! poems (sonnets and prose poems, mostly) that have a Phenomenological lens.

In addition to creative writing, I am interested in transmedia, games (especially Alternate Reality Games, but video games, too), interactive fiction, “new media” (or “Oogabooga“) narratives, and multimodal composition. Current projects include: developing an Alternate Reality Game to teach student critical writing; exploring transmedia paratexts as a tool for building a reflexively immersive puzzle-solving literacy in engaged viewers of Lost, which can be read through the structures and aesthetics of Desmond-centric episodes; developing a “first-person writer” game based on Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fireusing Google Earth.

Currently, I teach English 101: Introduction to College Writing at UWM. I will be teaching English 233: Introduction to Creative Writing in Fall 2010. I have previously taught first-year composition courses at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


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