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27 05 2010

With the server down for extended maintenance, I decided it was time to setup a more appropriate web home than the bare-bones service provided by UW-Milwaukee’s PantherFile system.  No MySQL; no blog.  So, instead of simply picking up the my previous WordPress-hosted blog, Developing News, it is time to start fresh.  Plus, while I do manage cream city review’s WP site, I want to get some more non-drupal experience.  When I decide to pony-up for my own domain, I’ll be more able to make an informed decision on CMS.

I imagine this space as a site for perhaps-weekly updates on what I’m reading and watching, what I’m thinking about, and what I’ve found in electronic and meat spaces.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll try to get this space firing on all cylinders with updated info and the like.





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9 07 2013

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17 07 2013
Compare Stock Trading Software

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